New Possibility, New Opportunity, New Potential.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New.”

Today I had to work on several client items to close out 2014. My brother was at home and instilled him to spend several hours with me in our dad’s office space (I take care of dad’s business stuff). For those of you who don’t know, Christopher suffered a brain virus some 13ish years ago that left him physically and mentally impaired. One of the things he desires (in his bucket list of life) is to have job.

So today I took my spare computer to dad’s office and set up Chris up to key in information from receipts. Nothing major for the most of us, but Chris never has used Excel and he had to keep track of what he was doing.

So cool. It was an opportunity to show him what was possible for him. A new opportunity to learn, and to show him his potential.

When we cleared up our desks I told him he was never to allow anyone to tell him he “can’t” do something. I said, “If it’s a challenge you can’t quite overcome, that’s fine. But you never, ever let anyone say you can’t. Because the work you did today showed you can.”

Highlight of our afternoon? Singing disco and eighties songs off a Spotify playlist while we work on our individual tasks. Chris will be my helper during tax season.

You should give someone who’s mentally and physically challenged the opportunity to show how handicapable they really are. And if you love teaching, they are SO eager to learn and to please.


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